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Blue Moose Holdings, Ltd (Antigua)

“Let Blue Moose Holdings, Ltd serve as your go-to offshore Consulting entity for all things asset-based, debit-funded, or created as alternative investments. Our Group is ready to assist…”


About Us

Blue Moose Holdings, Ltd (Antigua) is a boutique financial consultancy. The company seeks new and different methods of funding projects, and is headquartered in St. Johns, Antigua.

Formed as an offshore entity in 2021, Blue Moose Holdings followed the original founding of Blue Moose in 2004 onshore in the United States. It was established upon the original Blue Moose basis for real estate investment and software development, and was developed to handle the financial funding surrounding the development and creation of the Antigua Barbuda Sports Village as well as a consultancy group operating in:
Blue Moose Holdings, Ltd. is fully registered for operation in Antigua and
Barbuda, and operates as an offshore entity to US-based clients, utilizing
hedge funds, VC, Family Companies and Investment Groups.

Our Services

Extraordinary Customer Service

Blue Moose Holdings, Ltd (Antigua) has engaged award-winning partners who have multiple years of experience in satisfying customer needs on a worldwide basis. Our expertise allows us to not only recognize new and expansive opportunity, but to act in ways which other client service groups could not offer. 


Blue Moose Holdings, Ltd  (Antigua) works in the USA and offshore to offer strong Financial Management for existing accounts and transfer accounts across a wide variety of options. Licensed to address a variety of types of sales, Blue Moose can help steer your investments to areas which you may have not considered previously.


Blue Moose Holdings, Ltd. helps create financial opportunity for our Client Projects through strategic introductions and opportunistic growth segmenting by using debt (both recourse and non-recourse) and equity resources.


Why Choose Us

The accuracy and integrity of your Financial Dealings are of paramount importance to you.  We offer clients services of the highest quality.

Always On Time

We provide our services in a timely manner with guaranteed service dates and times to allow you to expertly control your financial resources.

Hard Working

Best team in the industry. Best alternative financing opportunity recognition worldwide. Ask about our winning partners and ratings.